The Most Characteristic Flags in the World

Besides the pattern and color symbolism, flags or banners of local are also used as a propaganda tool. Take Canadian flag for example, the Maple leaf indicates the situation of local environment and vegetation distribution. In addition, there are also many banners with characteristic designs and weird colors, but giving an impressive feeling. The most interesting 15 banners are as follows:

1、 Frisia in Holland

Frisia is a northern province in Holland, and its flag impresses those people most who have ever been there. Do the red dots make you think of a classic game? In fact, this flag has a long history, and these red dots have nothing to do with the game, but the lily leaves.


The flag of Guam is indeed very funny, which looks likes a T-shirt bought in a souvenir shop.

3、Benin Empire


This is the flag of old Benin Empire (1440-1897). Is it very characteristic and brutal? Benin Empire, also known as the Kingdom of Dahomey, is a slavery kingdom established by Africans.


Attention! It is not a bath towel, but the flag of the Kingdom of Swaziland, which is a small inland country in southeast Africa, surrounded on three sides of north, west and south by South Africa and adjacent to Mozambique in East.

 5、Isle of Man

The flag of Isle of Man is a three-legged pattern. Isle of Man is located in the sea between Britain and Ireland, which is a British Crown Dependence. The history of this three-legged pattern can date back to the thirteenth century and has a more profound moral: “No matter how and where you throw it, it can still hold.”

6、Antwerp, Belgium

 The flag of Antwerp is really fancy. The province is composed with three major areas: Antwerp City, Marin City and Turnhout City.


Its flag is composed with a book, a hoe and an AK47 which seem to have no relationship with each other.


 Is it a tennis ball in the middle of Kyrgyzstan flag?


The national flag of Bhutan is formed by two golden yellow and orange right-angled triangles with a white dragon in the middle which grasping a bright white pearls in each four paws.

10、Northern Mariana Islands

The flag of Northern Mariana Islands (located in the western Pacific) looks to be a “collage” form.

11、The U.S. Virgin Islands

It’s the flag of U.S. Virgin Islands which is located in the area of Caribbean and obviously a U.S. territory when you see at a glance.

12、Central Africa

This is the flag of Central African Republic.

13、Lombardy, Italy

It’s the flag of Lombardy Region, Italy.


Nepal’s national flag is oddly shaped, not rectangular, which is unique in the world.


It’s really too hard to evaluate Libya’s flag since there’s no pattern with the whole green color. It’s so creative!

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