Flags in the World Cup

Every country in the world or even the region has its own banner, which is a signal, a symbol and even the power. As for each country, that is the national flag. From the aesthetic point of view, Canadian and Mongolia's national flags match most the aesthetic concepts in the world, but unfortunately these two countries’ flags have not appeared in the World Cup.
All citizens in a country like their own national flag, which is an unquestionable sense. The World Cup is a good showcase of national and regional flags. Among the top 32 in the World Cup, the European traditional tri-color flags are the most common, such as France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Russia, Croatia, and Slovenia. This kind of banner gives the impression of reasonable proportion with the feeling of aesthetics and evocativeness.  Mexico, Cameroon, Paraguay, Senegal has been impacted as well that the national flags are also with the three-color tone, coupled with the national emblem and other accessories.
There’re also many flags with two colors and multi-colors, such as Spain, Poland, Portugal, Costa Rica, Argentina, Nigeria and Ecuador, which look a bit bright or soft. Northwestern European countries and regions that are highly influenced by religion in history are more interested in the flags with Crusaders and cross, such as England, Sweden and Denmark, which look more unique, more scientific segmented pattern, and not messy.
In the World Cup, there’re some national flags which look a little messy, but you’ll find it very intuitive, and with prominent historical significance when you take a close look, such as the United States and Uruguay, especially the United States flag, which represents 13 Uprising states, also the current states numbers, is really messy, but it can be accepted when you look a long time. Although some national flags have only single color with one color tone, but it gives a positive feeling by adding a small part of other special significant patterns or colors, such as China, Turkey and Tunisia, which impress people a thriving meaning mainly with the red tone. Brazil and Saudi Arabia's national flags with main green tone give a feeling of youth and vigor and seem to be intimate. Besides, Korean national flag looks like the Taoist Eight Diagrams since it's under the influence of Chinese culture, but there exists much knowledge with firmness and flexibility, especially the Chinese can well understand. While South African flag contains more complex meaning since it's the new flag after the Emancipation of black people, so the screen designs look complicated, and perhaps it can only be understood clearly by themselves.



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