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When it comes to printing flags or banners, the choice between single-reverse and double-sided printing can significantly impact the visual impact and overall effectiveness of the display. Let’s delve into the nuances of these two common printing methods to understand their differences and applications. Single-Reverse Printing Single-reverse printing involves printing on one side of the […]

When it comes to displaying flags, a variety of attachments are available to ensure they are securely and effectively showcased. These attachments, such as grommets, pole sleeves & tabs, d-rings, rope & thimbles, snap rings, and ash & toggles, serve different purposes and are chosen based on the specific needs of the flag and its […]

We have been producing garden flags using thermal sublimation technology since 1991. The accumulated technology and experience of our thirty years of manufacturing make our garden flags printed with thermal sublimation more colorful, exquisite patterns and noble finished products than the peers, and thus won many customers’ praise. At the same time, we choose double […]

Introduction:Flags have long been used as symbols of identity, pride, and celebration. When it comes to choosing flags, two common options are single-layer flags and double-layer flags. While they may appear similar at first glance, there are significant differences between the two in terms of construction, durability, and visual impact. In this article, we will […]

In the world of flag printing, there are two primary methods: Single Sided Printing Flags and Double Sided Printing Flags. Understanding the difference between these two options is crucial for choosing the most suitable flag for your needs. Let’s delve into the distinctions: Single Sided Printing Flags refers to the process where the design is […]

Choosing the right flag size is essential to ensure a visually appealing and proportionate display. We offer a range of standard flag sizes to cater to different needs. Here are 8 standard sizes to consider: 4 inch x 6 inch Flag: Perfect for Parades, Motorbikes, and Table Displays  The 4 inch x 6 inch flag […]

When it comes to China flag, they come in various sizes with specific uses. Let’s explore the common sizes and their respective applications: Size 1 (288X192cm): Primarily used for opening and closing ceremonies of large sports events, as well as backdrop flags in conference halls. Size 2 (240X160cm): Ideal for flagpoles at entrances of large […]

Origin: Screen printing is originally dated from China, which has a history of over two thousand years. Early in Qin &Han Dynasty, there already existed the method of printing. While during the Eastern Han Dynasty, it’s very prevalent to use wax printing, and the quality of printed products had been improved. Then in Sui Dynasty, […]

CMYK color mode is used as an overprinting model, using the three primary colors principium to form a variety of complex colors by the mixture and superposition of four colors, the four standard colors areC= cyan, M= magenta, Y=yellow, K= blackMagenta plus yellow will be red; magenta plus cyan will be blue; cyan plus yellow […]