Everyone’s yard has places which could benefit from a little color, particularly in the winter. Garden Flags are ideal for adding a little life to an area of your garden which lacks that certain something, and they are so versatile and reasonably priced that they really have become essential for any proud gardener.
Here are some points to keep in mind when it comes to placing your Garden Flag:

• In a small garden you should place the flag to the rear or to the side:

• effective placement in this manner makes a small garden look bigger. A great feature of Garden Flags is that they are mobile and versatile- you can play around with placement until you’re happy you’ve got them in the right spots.

• Flags are dynamic objects, so they draw attention easily. Got an area of which you are particularly proud? Place a simple flag near it and let onlookers eyes wander towards that area.

• Different flags are good for different seasons – there’s no reason why you can’t change from bright flags to lighter colored ones when the garden begins to bloom. Go seasonal with the holidays, too:- why not a set of Halloween flags, St. Patricks Day or Christmas flags?

• Different flags are good for different areas of your garden:- a bright flag might be ideal for a shady spot. Patriotic flags are tasteful and always look good in the front yard. There are flags to reflect every conceivable taste and interest.

• Don’t place too many flags in your garden- you don’t want admirers to see only waving sea of cloth! The living things in your garden should always steal the show. Flags and other accessories should complement them, not the other way round.

• Co-ordinate your colours:- go with flags whose colours will work with the colours currently in your garden.

• Flags also work great on patios, or framed with a trellis. You can put one on your mailbox, or on

• In a larger lawn with no flower-bed in the middle, place a flag right in the centre – a large lawn can sometimes appear lifeless, this will help to correct that.

• Garden Flags come in different materials. Nylon is a strong material which will stand the test of time, particularly if you live in an area which gets a lot of heavy weather.

Garden Flags are simply a great way to add life and color to any garden. With so many to choose from, you’ll find something that will work in your own particular troublesome space. They make ideal presents for novice gardeners or experts alike, and are perfect as a house-warming gift. All over the country, people are seeing the benefits of using flags in their gardens and around their homes. And don’t forget, this is one garden improvement that you will never, ever, have to water, prune or pot! Just don’t forget about the rest of the garden!

Link: The Flourishing Variety of American Garden Flags