When it comes to displaying flags, a variety of attachments are available to ensure they are securely and effectively showcased. These attachments, such as grommets, pole sleeves & tabs, d-rings, rope & thimbles, snap rings, and ash & toggles, serve different purposes and are chosen based on the specific needs of the flag and its display location.

Pole sleeves & tabs

Pole sleeves & tabs are ideal for flags that are mounted on poles. The sleeve accommodates the pole, while tabs secure the flag in place, preventing it from sliding down during display.

Pole sleeves & tabs


Starting with grommets, these metal eyelets are punched into the fabric of the flag, providing reinforced attachment points. They are commonly used with ropes or hooks for hoisting and securing the flag in place.


D-rings, typically made of metal or hard plastic, are attached to the header of the flag. They provide secure attachment points for ropes or hooks, ensuring stability during outdoor displays, especially in windy conditions.


Rope & thimble

Rope & thimble configurations are often used for nautical flags and other flags that require a professional, nautical appearance. A thimble is spliced into the end of the rope to prevent fraying, while the rope loops through the flag’s grommet for secure display.

Snap rings

Snap rings are versatile attachments commonly used for indoor flag displays. They provide a quick and easy way to secure the flag to a mounting point, making it simple to change flags when needed.

Ash & toggles

Ash & toggles are traditional attachments used primarily for ceremonial flags. The toggle, a cylindrical piece, is threaded through the flag’s grommets, while the ash, a flat wooden piece, serves as a counterweight. These attachments facilitate a distinguished and formal display.

Flag Rope

In addition to the mentioned attachments, flag ropes play a pivotal role in securing flags, especially in scenarios requiring durability and flexibility. Flag ropes are an essential component for flags that need to be hoisted, as they ensure a stable and secure display. They come in various materials such as nylon, polyester, or polypropylene, each offering distinct advantages based on the intended use.


Choosing the right attachment for a flag is crucial for ensuring its longevity and proper display. Each type caters to specific needs, whether for outdoor or indoor use, adding to the visual appeal and functionality of displaying flags.