Non-flawed Chinese flags are now flying at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games!

Six days ago, Chinese netizens noticed something off about the national flags flying above the heads of Chinese shooters Du Li and Yi Silong as they stood on the podium to receive their medals. The stars in the flag featured in the ceremony were parallel to each other, but they should actually be oriented towards the larger star at a 36 degree angle.

Notice the difference?

Well, apparently none of the 416 Chinese athletes participating in the opening ceremony did. Neither did the Chinese representative that approved the flag to the National Olympic Committee.
Initially, it was believed — in what would be the most ironic incident of 2016 — that the flawed flags were made in China. Multiple Chinese networks even alleged that a firm from Zhejiang produced the flags. Last week, CCTV reported that, “All the national flags that will be hoisted during the ceremony are made in China.”
But later, Mario Andrada, spokesman for the Rio Committee, apologized to the Chinese delegation for the flawed flags and revealed that they were actually made in Brazil. He said that the company had been contacted and was producing the correct flags.
And they finally arrived today! The Chinese women’s fencing team won the silver medal and were the first from their country to be honored under a flawless flag.
Chinese social media has celebrated this long overdue event. “Chinese national flags are finally correct!” exclaimed a Sina News post on Weibo.
So, guess all’s well that ends well. Really, it could have been worse.