Custom Flags china flag size

When it comes to China flag, they come in various sizes with specific uses. Let’s explore the common sizes and their respective applications:

  • Size 1 (288X192cm): Primarily used for opening and closing ceremonies of large sports events, as well as backdrop flags in conference halls.
  • Size 2 (240X160cm): Ideal for flagpoles at entrances of large enterprises, hotels, schools, and factories. Also suitable as team flags for outdoor activities or cheering flags at sports events.
  • Size 3 (192X128cm): Similar to Size 2, but typically used on flagpoles ranging from 10 to 13 meters in height. Can be decorative flags, team flags, or cheering flags.
  • Size 4 (144X96cm): Suited for flagpoles with a height of 9 to 10 meters, commonly seen at large enterprises, factories, hotels, and in conference rooms or offices. Also used as leader flags for sports team entrances.
  • Size 5 (96X64cm): Unique in purpose, often used decoratively or for advertising during store openings, product promotions, sports event openings, foundation laying ceremonies, and construction sites.
  • Size 6 (66X44cm): Mainly used for colorful banner strings, tour guide flags, and hanging flags.
  • Size 7 (45X30cm): Commonly employed for tour guide flags, flag strings, and car-mounted flags.
  • Size 8 (30X20cm): Primarily used for handheld flags and flag strings.
  • Size 9 (21X14cm): Ideal as handheld flags, flag strings, and table flags for meetings.

To summarize, smaller flag sizes offer more versatility in their range of uses.

link: Custom China Flag