Heavy Duty Aluminum Flag Pole Holder Bronze Two Positions

Sturdy flag pole holder brackets provides secure display for your flag pole, with two positions to choose from. Fits standard 1" flag poles, with screw to tighten.

SKU: 03.011.0015 Category:


  • SKU: 03.011.0015
  • Color: Bronze
  • Hole Type: Dual Hole
  • Hole Diameter: 2.6cm / 1.04 inch
  • Angle Options: 45 degree, 90 degree

This flag pole holder offers two positions, allowing you to adjust the angle of your flag as desired. Whether you prefer a straight position or a 45-degree angle, this holder provides flexible options to suit your preferences and the display requirements.

YouTube: Linhai C&S Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd.

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