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Custom Car Flag Personalized Car Window Flag Design Your Own

Design your own personalized car window flag! Choose from various sizes and materials.

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  • Size: 8“X11″, 11″X15″, ”12″X18″ or as per your request.
  • Material: 100% polyester, knitted polyester.
  • Pole Size Options: 14″L, 17″L, 19″L, 21″L.
  • Sewing: Double-Needle Lockstitch edges with 4 rows.
  • Optional Process: Single-layer, Double-layer, Double-layer with cloth in the middle, and Embroidered.

Custom Car Flag | Car Window Flag

Custom Car Flag are a fun and creative way to display your unique style and message on the go. Whether it’s showing support for your favorite sports team, celebrating a special occasion, or adding a personal touch to your vehicle, these flags are a great way to stand out while on the road. Simply design your own flag and proudly showcase it on your car’s window, instantly adding a personalized and eye-catching element to your vehicle.

If you have any more specific requirements or need further assistance, feel free to reach out!

Link: How To Choose The Right Flag Size?

YouTube: Linhai C&S Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd.

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