Come And Take It Flag

Custom Come and Take It Flag | Personalized Design Flags

This iconic flag features a simple yet powerful design—a cannon, a black star, and the defiant phrase "Come and Take It" emblazoned across it.


  • Size : 4″X6″, 8″X12″, 12″X18″, 2’X3′, 3’X5′, 4’X6′, 5’X8′, 6’X10′, or as per your request.
  • Material: 100D 100% polyester, 150D 100% polyester, 210D 100% polyester.
  • Sewing: Double-Needle Lockstitch edges with 4 rows of stitching on the fly end to reduce fraying.
  • Optional Process: Single Reverse Printing, Double Sided Printing, Double-deck with cloth in the middle, Embroidered.
  • Finish Options: 2 Brass Grommets at Left Side, 4 Brass Grommets corners, Sleeve left, Sleeve top.
  • INCLUDES: Come and Take It Flag, without flag pole.
  • The finished size may vary slightly depending on the customized dimensions. A 3X5FT finished flag size may have a variation of +/- 0.4 inches

Come and Take It Flag

The Come and Take It flag holds a significant place in American history and has evolved into a symbol of independence, resilience, and the right to bear arms. Its origins can be traced back to the Battle of Gonzales in 1835, a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution.

Come And Take It

This iconic flag features a simple yet powerful design—a cannon, a black star, and the defiant phrase “Come and Take It” emblazoned across it. Over time, this flag has become a powerful representation of the determination and self-reliance deeply rooted in American culture.

The flag has undergone various adaptations, with different color schemes and design elements, all while maintaining its core symbolism. Its versatility has made it an enduring symbol for those advocating for gun rights, independence, and individual freedoms.

The applications of the Come and Take It flag are widespread. It is prominently displayed in pro-gun rallies, historical reenactments, and at locations celebrating the spirit of independence. Additionally, it has found its way into popular culture, appearing on clothing, accessories, and as a statement piece in modern interior design.

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