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Custom Garden Flags To What You Personalized Design

Looking for a high-quality custom garden flags? Our high-quality, double-sided printing ensures vibrant colors and elegant designs. Perfect for yard or garden decoration. Learn more now.

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Custom Garden Flags According To What You Personalized Design

Garden flags can be enjoyed year-round, regardless of the season, and C&S is able to print any design you might have! You can choose from our polyester material or Polyester Blackout Material Linen, and you can choose either a single sided flag or a double sided flag.
Our custom garden flags usually come in our standard 12” x 18” size or 28″ x 40″ size , but custom sizes are available upon request. When ordering, you will have several options to choose from when it comes to the materials for your custom garden flags.

  • Opening at the top to remove and insert pole.
  • Standard Size : 12″ x 18″, 12.5″ x 18″, 28″ x 40″.
  • Material: 100D 100% polyester, 300D 100% polyester, 700D 100% Polyester, 100% Polyester Blackout Material, Linen.
  • Print Style: Single sided or Double sided.
  • Flag poles available seperately.
  • Minimum Order: 25 Piece. (Bulk Discounts Available)
  • Packing: One piece in one poly bag. 100pcs per carton.

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Why choose us

  • We have more than 30+ years experience in thermal sublimation printing garden flag.
  • Our garden flags are more vivid colors, fine patterns and noble finished products than those of our peers, and thus win the praise of our customers.
  • We have a wide range of garden flags, which can be customized according to your requirements, or you can choose from our garden flag catalogue.
  • We guarantee you the highest quality garden flags at the most affordable prices.

Common custom garden flags fabric choices:

  • 100D 100% Polyester

    Because this kinds of cloth are very thin, not suitable for double-sided printing, it is recommended to make double-layer + interlayer garden flag. Of course, you can also use this fabric to make a single side printed garden flag, but the pattern on the back will be lighter than the pattern on the front. Pros: Light, easy to fly in the wind, cheap.

  • 300D 100% polyester

    It is recommended to make high quality garden flags printed on both sides (also the first choice of our large customers). Of course, it is also suitable for making double-layer + interlayer garden flags.
    The high-quality double-sided garden flag produced by us adopts the technology of simultaneous printing on both sides of the flag to ensure that the colors on both sides of the flag are completely the same and the pattern and text will not be double-shadowing, which is not possible with single-sided garden flags. Our printed garden flags have bright colors, delicate designs and elegant finished products, which are perfect for yard or garden decoration.

    Custom Garden Flags 300D Garden Flag

  • 700D 100% Polyester

    It is suitable for double-sided printing of high quality garden flags. 700D 100% polyester garden flag pattern is bright and glossy, and the finished product makes you feel very noble. We can also give it a special treatment to make the surface of the garden banner look silky. High quality and affordable.

  • 100% Polyester Blackout Material

    It is suitable for double-sided printing of high quality garden flags. Because it is opaque, the text on the back of the flag does not reverse. This one will be heavier than 100D garden flag.Custom Garden Flags Blackout Flag

  • Linen

    This is a new type of garden flag that has emerged in the last few years. The original, retro flavor of similar linen, combined with our unique double-layer manufacturing process, modern 3D and silk embroidery, make the garden flag of linen high-grade and collectible value.

    Custom Garden Flags Line Flag

The following are some evaluations of custom garden flags from customerscustom-garden-flag-evaluate

If the custom garden flags can not meet your requirements, or you have your own design and ideas, please feel free to contact our sales staff, we have an excellent design team to assist you to complete your design and production.

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