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Custom Pennant Flag Banner Pennant String Flags

Our Pennant Flag are made from 100% polyester and sublimated print, resulting in vibrant and colorful designs.


  • Material:  100% polyester.
  • Length: 10 meters, can be customized according to your needs.
  • Size: 18×28 cm / 7″x11″.
  • Printing: Sublimated Print.
  • logo: Customizable to your preferences.
  • Free Design Services.

We take pride in delivering a polished product, and our Pennant Flag are no exception. The edges of each flag are meticulously hot-cut, resulting in a clean and refined look. This attention to detail ensures that your flags maintain their sharp appearance even after multiple uses.

With our custom options, Personalize your flags with custom graphics, logos, or other design elements of your choice. Create flags that align perfectly with your brand or event theme.

YouTube: Linhai C&S Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd.

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