Quality Garden Flag Rubber Stoppers and anti-wind flag clip

Secure your garden flags with durable rubber stoppers and anti-wind clip. These accessories improve flag stability and prevent tangling in strong winds.


  • Garden flag rubber stoppers are made of durable and stretchable rubber, the inner hole diameter is 0.23 inch, they have good elasticity to Snug fit for 0.2 – 0.28 inch diameter standard garden flag stand. (not for use on large flag poles)

The Garden Flag Rubber Stoppers and anti-wind flag clip set is a must-have accessory for garden flag holders. Designed to enhance the stability of garden flags, these rubber stoppers and wind clips prevent them from toppling over or flying away in strong winds. Ensure your garden flags stay securely in place with this essential set.

YouTube: Linhai C&S Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd.

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