Armenia Flag | Factory Custom Wholesale Polyester Flags

The flag of Armenia consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width: red on the top, blue in the middle, and orange on the bottom.

Azerbaijan Flag | Custom Flag Banner Direct from Factory

The Azerbaijan flag consists of three horizontal stripes light blue, red and green, with a white crescent and an eight-pointed star centered on the red stripe.

Bahrain Flag | Custom Personalized Flags from Manufacturer

The Bahrain flag consists of a red background with five white triangles arranged in a serrated shape on the left side.

Bangladesh Flag | Purchase Custom National Flags at C&S

The Bangladesh flag features a dark green banner with a red disc on top.

Bhutan Flag | Custom International Flag Polyester Flag

The Bhutanese call their country the "Dragon Kingdom" and use the dragon as the main pattern of their national flag.

Brunei Flag | Custom Flags According To Your Needs

The Brunei flag is yellow with a black and white parallelogram. In the center is an emblem with a small flag, canopy, hands, palm tree, and wings.

Cambodia Flag | Buy Custom Flags From Flag Manufacturer

The white Angkor Wat in the middle of the Cambodian flag symbolizes Cambodia’s long history and ancient culture.

Wholesale China Flag Custom Polyester Flags for Global Now

C&S is one of the official China National Flag manufacturers certified by the Chinese government.

Cyprus Flag | Custom Flag and Banner For Flag Factory

The flag of Cyprus consists of a white field with a map of the island in orange in the center.

East Timor Flag | Custom World Flags at Flag Factory

The East Timor flag features a red background with overlapping black and yellow triangles on the left side, culminating in a five-pointed white star at the center of the smaller black triangle.

Georgia Flag | Custom World Country Flags at C&S

The Georgian flag, commonly known as the "Five Cross Flag," is a very ancient and historic flag.

India Flag | Custom Indoor & Outdoor Flags | Best Prices

The India flag locally referred to as the "Tricolor," consists of three equal horizontal rectangles of orange, white, and green.