We have been producing garden flags using thermal sublimation technology since 1991. The accumulated technology and experience of our thirty years of manufacturing make our garden flags printed with thermal sublimation more colorful, exquisite patterns and noble finished products than the peers, and thus won many customers’ praise. At the same time, we choose double thread sewing for the garden flag, which is thick and firm. This is our strength and we are proud of it.

Our Garden Flags Are Mainly Divided Into The Following Categories

1.The same pattern or text is printed on both sides of the single-layer flag

Because the pattern or text is reversed when viewed from the other side of the flag, it is suitable for garden flags with less text. We use the technology of simultaneous printing on both sides of the flag to ensure that the colors on both sides of the flag are completely consistent and the pattern and text will not be double or virtual, which can not be achieved by single-side printing. And because it is a single layer flag, it is easy to fly in the wind. 

2. Printing different patterns or words on both sides of the single-layer flag

Garden flag printed by this way look exactly the same from both sides. This is no problem of pattern or text going backwards. It’s suitable for the garden flag with many words, or the occasion requiring for the same effect from both sides . Of course, according to the feature of opaque, you can also print different patterns or text on both sides to create your own personalized garden flag. Because we made the garden flag with a light-tight, premium 100% polyester fabric, it is heavier than the flag made by the first method, but lighter than the traditional double-sided + laminated flag. 

3. Garden Flags made of double layers and interlayer

This is a traditional method, which is made by printing the same or different patterns or words on two sides and adding a layer between them. Since the interlayer prevents the front image or text from being displayed on the opposite side of the flag, the front and back flags can be printed with different images or text to create your own personalized garden flag. Because it is composed of three layers, it is heavier and stiffer than a garden flag made from a single layer. It is suitable for situations where the flag is not blown in the wind or where the correct pattern or text is seen on both sides. 

4.LED Garden Flags

This is a new type of garden flag developed by us in recent years. Due to the addition of LED lighting technology, LED garden flag will be more colorful at night display, more eye-catching.This can show the personalized characteristics of your garden flag.

5. 3D Garden Flags

The traditional screen printing can no longer meet the need of customer. We use laser cutting technology to accurately process the pattern element of your design, and show your design inspiration on the 3D garden flag according to your requirements, making your garden flag more unique.

6.Blank Garden Flags

Our top-notch blank garden flags are crafted from premium polyester and feature double-stitching. They’re ideal for garden flag makers seeking to produce exceptional prints. Moreover, they are perfect for schools, art classes, summer camps, and families looking to unleash their creativity and personalize their very own garden banners.

We not only provide custom garden flag service, but also provide our garden flag catalogue for you to choose from. If you are not interested in our design, or you have your own design or ideas, please feel free to contact our sales staff. We have an excellent design team to consist you to complete your design and production